• VISA | TIFF Video Booth Activation

VISA | TIFF Video Booth Activation


I was hired by Jam3 to help with the design and build of a video booth to be used by Visa and the Toronto International Film Festival during TIFF 2014. The idea was something along the lines of the 360 video booth used at the Oscars but more of a sit down storytelling experience.
The agency, BBDO, came to us with the idea: Morgan Freeman opens the story(pre-recorded), then the first person of the day comes into the booth, listens to the opening and is given 6 seconds to continue the story. The third person comes in and hears the first two parts and continues with the next part of the story. Each new person inside the booth hears the previous 3 parts before contributing their own line. Up to 3 people can fit into the booth at one time.

Video by Khantavy, wife of Jon Davey who developed the software system that the booth ran on.

Find Khantavy's site here: https://khantavy.wordpress.com/
Find Jon Davey site here: http://www.criticalflicker.com/

I contracted McWood Studios in downtown Toronto to build the booth out of wood with a Visa branded gradient blue vinyl covering. On top of the blue vinyl we would have lettering stating the event, simple instructions and a link to the website where visitors can view all of each days full story.

TIFF lasts for 10 days, so there were 10 videos over 10 tens being updated in real time with the custom software built by the team at Jam3.

Working with Jam3, we had to determine all of the technology that was required to make the booth function; outdoors, using wifi, for 10 full days, rain or shine.

We needed a camera, touch screen, microphone, lights, computer, modem and an audio input device to drive the recorded material inside the booth as well as a tablet and headphones for anyone, watching the video(s) so far, outside the booth.
I did a lot of running around town researching, testing and purchasing all of the equipment and components necessary. This was one of my favourite parts of the process.

We were amazed how early people began lining up for the Visa Infinite Story Booth on the first day. The booth was busy each day of the festival with days end videos totalling up 8 minutes -- that's a lot of participants!

The booth received nearly 1000 visitors during the 10 days of TIFF including Canadian comedian Colin Mochrie and Rick the temp!
The project came together nicely and everyone participating and working at the booth had an amazing time...and so did I.

Visa InfiniteĀ® Story Booth / King & Simcoe @ Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto, ON