• Storyboard page 1

  • Storyboard page 2

  • Model reference images from the show.

  • Don Draper, being 6' tall, is to scale.

Mad Men: white model


Our assignment in Drafting for Entertainment (film and theatre) was to reference a particular television show or film and recreate a room in drafted form and then to build it up into a half inch scale white model with a few furniture pieces in situ.

I chose season 1/episode 2 "Ladies Room", in which a few male characters sit in Don Drapers office discussing the Right Guard campaign pitch. I realized that I had actually misjudged the size of the room here in my first real scenario drafting attempt. :)
It was a fun project to realize the work that goes into creating a set, from a backward sense in this case.

Above is the storyboards we were also tasked to deliver.