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Bell Canada | Instructional Videos

Project Management

In 2020, working for the advertising agency Publicis/The Pub Productions (post department), I managed production and post-production for one of Canada‚Äôs leading telecommunication companies, Bell Canada, to create educational how-to videos for YouTube to help their customers manage their accounts, services, and devices.

In the role of Producer for production, I helped the clients and copywriters craft the scripts for the videos; booked and managed resources for the film shoots, including the video camera and audio team, on-screen and voice talent, directors, creative teams, and client, managed pre-production meetings to go through the stages of the shoot ahead of time, scheduling, prepared all props and costumes, on-set script read-throughs and shot by shot management.

As the Post-Production Producer, I managed the schedule, budget, workflow and creative for our in-house editors, animators, colourists, audio engineers and visual effects artists to complete the videos, working with the clients to deliver multiple videos.