APEX Magazine for Acura

Project Management

APEX Magazine for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (Acura)
NSX Edition 2015

2016 Folio: Ozzie Awards Winner
Custom – Design, New Magazine [Ozzies]

Managing client as well as a team of creative and editorial staff and contributors, producing the inaugural/redesign of 80-page print magazine, APEX, for Acura (American Honda Motors Co., Inc) in Fall 2015.

APEX 2015 was created alongside the release of the new Acura NSX vehicle, introducing everything from the design team, the lab, the engine room to the performance manufacturing center - all within the USA!

Side stories include Acura sponsored events, illustrator and vintage car collector Shin Yoshikawa, Mattel toy car designers and a road trip to the jazz festival in New Orleans.

All stories were commissioned by our team at Totem using world class photographers such as Christopher Wahl and Derek Shapton.

*Online / Zmag version may be viewed at this link.

*Images are the property of American Honda Motors Inc. and Totem.