Aga Khan Museum: Book & Hat


Design Theory/Interior Design project for Ryerson University, Winter 2017. 

Instructor: Lucinda McGroarty 

Collaborative learning through observational in situ- research, analysis and design synthesis of a randomly selected building/site in downtown Toronto. 

Goal 1: Students utilize and deconstruct the elements and principles of their selected building to design the next season’s haut-couture chapeau (hat) for the final hat-walk. The hat design resembles the selected building but is not literal. Student utilizes the selected building as an inspiration and not as a model for reproduction. 

Goal 2: Evidence of research in creating an innovative “value- added” pedagogical concept that is creatively integrated into the hat design and/or performance. Performance duration is 5 – 10 minutes. “Value-added” pedagogical examples: pedagogical relevance, sustainability, technology, societal relevance, etc.